Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm A Boy Scout


Well I got the call last night.  Looks like my companion and I were transferred.  To where I was transferred, I know not.  I guess my last transfer on the mission will be in a different ward.  This next transfer is short too.  It's only 5 weeks instead of 6.
Tchau Ala Jacintinho!
The most Brazilian view in the world.  Jacintinho.

In other news we had a baptism this week!  We baptized Felipe, who is a member’s nephew.  We had his uncle baptism him and we were able to have a ton of people at the baptism.  Probably because we did a combined baptism with the other ward, but it was all really cool.  Yay Felipe!!!!
O Batismo do Phellype

Yesterday at church I got the good old, "Hey the person who was supposed to give a talk didn't show up.  Can you give a talk?" order from the ward secretary 2 minutes before church started.  It's all cool though.  It appears that after 6 years of Boy Scouts I managed to learn something (Be Prepared) so it was no problem at all.

In other news this week we got evangelized.  By whom you may ask?  By some people who belong to some church from South Korea.  Apparently their prophet had a very similar experience to that of Joseph Smith.  We went over to this lady's house because she asked us to stop by because she wanted to hear our message.  We stopped by the other day and what started as us responding to her questions turned to her teaching us a 2 1/2 hour lesson about the teachings of her church.  She told us that their prophet, who died, will return in 2020, but before his return there will be a great catastrophe.  She told me it was important for me to know this because when I go to the spirit world I'll remember what she taught.  I think she might have predicted my death.  I guess I'm in good hands however because she told me that their prophet said that what the Mormons teach is true.  She was pretty cool.  I learned some things about other religions I didn't know before.

Yeah I guess this email will be kind of short this week.  I'll send a lot of pictures.  You can now all play the "Where in the world is Elder Johnson" game until next week.  Until next time! 

-Elder Johnson


This is 100% pure grape juice.  It's like wine, but it's not.  It's super strong and it's super good.

Based on the shirts my parents send me, I'd say they are far more trunky than I am.

My mission has turned me into a very serious person.

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