Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The World is Ending.

So this week was transfers.  I've got another round here in the garden and I got a new companion, Elder López, from Buenos Aires Argentina.  He's got a pretty cool accent and things are going really well. He's really funny.

Our investigators are going well, we've got some new ones, cut some old ones, and we resurrected some old investigators too!

As the title might have suggested, the world is coming to an end down here. This week has been absolutely nuts! There have been car crashes, robbings, helicopters flying of the Grotas with huge lights searching for some thug inside, and all sorts of craziness.

The week started off weird enough with some guy who had some serious anger issues, who decided to take his problems out on a jaca. He just kept picking up the jaca and throwing it on the ground. It was a jaca douro, or a hard jaca, so you can't just break the thing by slamming it on the pavement but this troubled man sure thought it would work out all right.
Jaqueira (Jaca Tree)  These things are a big larger and harder than a watermelon and they grow on trees.

The next day was even crazier.

This story first starts off about a month ago, when we asked some member if we could help them paint their house, they said yes, then they painted it without us and we were sad.

A month later, (Thursday in fact,) we were talking on the road with some old guy with very little hair. He was in fact dying the little patch of hair on top of his balding head jet black and it looked super funny. We were talking with him when we heard, what appeared to be, the sound of a house falling down. The noise was coming from a road parallel to us. People started looking down the road, and others came running away from the commotion carrying dogs and children and what not. We decided to see what it was and when we looked down the road there were just flames being shot onto the ground by some unknown source. When the fire stopped, we walked down the road to find that the commotion had come from the house of said member.

So what happened was that this member has a son who sells corn and mungunzá next to the local super market. He does so with a cart and inside the cart he has a propane tank that heats the corn and mungunzá. It turned out though, he put the wrong hose on the end of it and it couldn't take the pressure, therefore it blew up. The hose started shooting fire out of one end so the son of the member, a fireman, kicked the cart out into the road. The fire didn't stop and just kept spraying flames willy nilly in the middle of the road. Everyone fled and one guy even successfully pushed a VW hippy van out of harms danger. The propane tank ran out of gas and all was well.
The crispy corn cart aftermath.
When we went to go investigate we saw the guy and his sister cleaning up the debris so we went to go help them, while everyone else just kind of gawked at the aftermath. The guy first started picking up the corn (both Elder López and I thought he was going to go and try and sell it,) and we carried the ill-fated corn cart inside.

Nobody was harmed and the house was completely fine, except for one wall, which will need to be repainted. So the moral of the story is, if you're going to tell the missionaries that you're going to let them paint your house, you better well do it! or your house is going to blow up and the missionaries will just have to come and help you repaint anyways.

The next day yielded much adventure too.

We were walking to an interview when we saw one of our investigators working at a gas station, so we decided to come back and talk with her after the interview. On the road back we stopped by the gas station to make an appointment with her when some drunk guy was trying to get us to come over and talk with him. We treated him like a normal drunk guy until he yelled "YOU TWO NEED TO GET OVER HERE AND DO SOMETHING THIS MAN IS DYING." We then briskly walked into the gas station to see what all the fuss was.

Turns out that some guy started to have an epileptic seizure in the middle of the gas station and he was just writhing on the ground. Us and about 6 other guys grabbed a hold of him and tried wrestling him to the ground. Man that guy was strong, it took 8 of us to keep him from smacking his head against the tile while we waited for the ambulance to come. While we were wrestling this guy, the drunk guys kept buying beer and were just being super obnoxious the whole time "BREATHE OUT YOUR MOUTH AND IN THROUGH YOUR NOSE!!!!!! OUT YOUR MOUTH AND IN THROUGH YOUR NOSE!!!!!!! UHHH… CAN SOMEBODY ELSE TELL HIM WHAT TO DO!? I'M GETTING TIRED!!!!!"

We then watched the ambulance drive by and park at the wrong gas station so somebody had to go run over there and tell them of their error. They got there and tied him to a gurney with rope, like the rope Grandpa uses to tie his boat to the dock, and they carried him away. It was a very dramatic scene and it was a good thing we decided to pass by and make another appointment with our investigator.

Well that's it for this week.  There was indeed lots of excitement and I'm absolutely terrified of what's going to happen next week if this transfer is going to continue as so. Anywho, I'm going to go paint a wall. Hope all is well back home. Love you all and have a great week!

-Elder Johnson

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