Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Makin' holes in the wall.

Dear Mamãe,

It's going pretty well down here in Brazil and yes it's very hot.

This week was your basic, average week here in the blessed land of Maceió.  Like always, it was hot, humid, and filled with lots of excitement.  The excitement though, I have a hard time remembering, so we will see how this letter goes.

So this week we did a service project.  There's this member here in the ward that is really helping us out and she needed help with a renovation in her house so we decided to help her our.  We spent the morning breaking away walls and chiseling holes in order to put in the electric work.  I picked up my hammer and chiseled and went all barbaric on that wall and made me a few pathways for electrical outlets, I felt pretty cool.

I also got my haircut pretty short.

Walking on the streets this week, I heard a an angry, shirtless man, with a cigarette in his hand calling for "Coxinha!!"  For those of you who don't know, a coxinha, is a Brazilian snack, which is shaped like a drop, is made of a corn batter, has chicken inside, deep fried, and served with ketchup. Tasty.  But it came to pass that coxinha wasn't a culinary treat, but was in fact, the littlest Chihuahua I've ever seen and for some reason this man was very unhappy with him.

We are now entering the last week of the transfer, I'm almost done training and it's been a pretty great experience, I've learned a lot, and I've felt that I've grown quite a bit because of it.  It has been a very challenging time, but it's been a time of much learning and changing.  We've been working pretty well this past week and we had some investigators at church this Sunday with some less actives we've managed to reactivate.  I really have no idea if I'll stay or not, I've really like the area and I'm excited for the future.  Até logo!

-Élder Johnson

Zona Maceió B!!!

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