Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some People

Well to start off this week, I spoke with some girl who got pregnant at age 14.  Kids these days.

This week was pretty good.  The work is going over well, we're having less actives returning and we had quite a few people at church yesterday.  We're teaching pretty well and things are generally going good down here. We are teaching one family, like complete family:  Mommy, Daddy, Son, Daughter, and Dog.  We're working to get them baptized this month, but we've got to get them married first, which is a bureaucratic nightmare.  They're really cool though, the ward likes them and anyone who enters the house, be it man or beast, the dad of the family always says "Hey, look at this guy, he's going to be a Mormon!!!"

It's pretty funny having Elder López as my companion, we always have conversations with people a little like this:

RANDOM GUY:    Hey! Where are you from?
ME:    I'm from America.
RANDOM GUY:    All right, and what about him?
ELDER LÓPEZ:    I'm from Argentina.
RANDOM GUY:    ...Man you're going to suffer here during the world cup.

We always have really good conversations with people because of the Brazil/Argentina soccer rivalry.

Some drunk guy stopped us the other day, asked us where we're from and he then asked me the following question:

DRUNK GUY:    Alright American, I have one question for you.
ME:    Okay.
DRUNK GUY:    Who is the king of Futebol.
ME:    Pelé

He then let out a little whimper and bowed himself in front of me and worshiped me as a king because I agreed with him and the rest of Brazil in agreeing that Pelé is the king of soccer.  He then proceeded to bag on Maradona, the disputed king of futebol from Argentina to Elder López.  We have a really good time talking with people.

We did however, not have a really good time talking to some other guy the other day.  We were about to teach this guy's mom and we were about to say the opening prayer when he just got up and said, "I don't agree with you Mormons and your Joseph Smith."  He then talked forever about the 6-day war that Jerusalem had and how god intervened.  He didn't tell me what that had to do with Joseph Smith, but I think he was just trying to make himself look smart.  Elder López and I then bore testimony to him and we were on our way.  While leaving his house he said something along the lines of "And now here you go.  You're all just going to continue being closed minded and you won't hear the truth."  I then told him if he just were to be just a bit more humble he could pray to God and get an answer, but he's just going to keep on being prideful.  I don't know, the mission has made me a bit more of direct person, which I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.

All in all it was a good week, not as intense as last week, but it was good never the less.  I laughed pretty hard at the loss of dad's front tooth.  Sorry dad, but that's just too funny.  Did they hide rocks in the granola bar?  Have fun with your dead guy tooth, I'll just keep preachin' down here, until next week!!

Élder Johnson

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