Monday, August 5, 2013

Goodbye Siqueira Campos

Sergipe Heart

Hey mommy.

This week is officially my last week in Aracaju.  I got the call yesterday and I'm being transferred somewhere in Alagoas tomorrow.  I'm not quite sure exactly where, but it's somewhere in the other half of my mission.

My time here in Ala Siqueira Campos has been good, but it is time to move on.  I've been in the same area of almost five months and I'm running out of doors to knock.

We had lunch with a member who lives in a neighborhood called Parque dos Farois, which was pretty cool.  Parque dos Farois is in the next city over and there is only one family that lives there.  They have to travel about 30 minutes each Sunday to get to the chapel in Siqueira, which is the next closest to them.  It was really cool there.  It's a lot more tranquil than the city and it had a really cool view of Aracaju from atop the mountain.
Aracaju from Parque dos Farois.

So this week we had an activity we planned for the ward, a "Show de Talentos", which was pretty sweet.  We had a lot of the members bring people they knew to the show in order to gain more referrals and to show people that we really don't want to sell their organs.  It was really fun.  We did a skit from the good ole boy scout meeting days.  We had people sing, dance to k pop, clowns, and a bunch of food, which was a total success!!!
Show de Talentos

I had the opportunity to say goodbye to Marcio the other day, which was pretty bitter sweet.  It's been interesting to watch him change and grow over these past few months.  When we arrived at his house the other day he was studying the Gospel Principles Manual, with his new triple combination, in a shirt and tie, while marking down his favorite scriptures.  I felt so much joy at that moment.  I have seen this guy progress from having a girlfriend for each day of the week to studying the scriptures and a priesthood holder.
Last photo with Marcio.

So that's about it for this week.  Sorry it's not a lot, but not too much happened this week.

Love you guys!

- Elder Johnson

(P.S.  Just think about it, for one week you'll have no idea where I am.  #comforting)

I found the donkey to be rather interesting.

Goodbye Siqueira Campos.

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