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Yeah today is a pretty normal day I guess.  Nothing too noteworthy happened today or this week (except it is his 21st Birthday today!!!)  Nothing really to pay attention to or remember...

And Dad, to respond you to your comment about my age and the ability to buy booze.  Since I got here I could have bought whatever liquor I want!  I've seen little 11 year old kids buy beer at corner stores, so nothing too new or exciting for me.  (No, I don't buy or consume alcoholic beverages).

So lets get down to business.

I think it's really this week that I've realized how much I've changed over the past two years.  I found that I can't remember the lyrics to songs I used to know.  One thing that really really surprised me was that the other Elders in my house asked me for exercise advice.  No I did not make a grammatical error and yes, what I wrote was intentional and a fact.  The other Elders in my house asked me for exercise advice.  Mom, what has happened to your son?  I was pretty shocked too.  WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!!!!!!!!!  I blame Elder Rutledge.

I was also asked to explain baseball this week, since nobody here has ever played or even knows how to play for a matter of fact.  I was really shocked to find out that I know quite a bit about the rules of baseball.  Since when have I ever been someone to explain sports.  WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!!!!!!!!

Here is the conversation I had with some guy the other day:

SOME GUY:   Hey! What church are you guys from?
US:    The Church of Jesus Christ.
SOME GUY:    Yeah, yeah, yeah I know.  Seriously what church are you from?
US:    The Church of Jesus Christ.  Like we said.
SOME GUY:   Gah!  I know!!!  We are all part of the church of Jesus Christ, but what's your denomination.
US:    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
SOME GUY:    AAHHH!!!!!  I give up!!!!  If you wont answer my question you guys can just go away!!!!  -storms away bitterly-

Some people....

So I got to go on a division to the Pajuçara Ward.  Why is that so significant you ask?  Two Reasons:

1.  Beach area, super nice and cool.

2.  The missionary’s house is one of two houses on the mission that has air conditioning.  For The first time in a year and nine months I slept in an air condition roomed.  #MiraclesHappen

I also learned a lot on the division too.  I learned how to be a better leader and be hard on people every now and then.

So we started teaching a new family this week.  The family we teach belongs to some church founded in Korea.  Apparently their doctrine is a lot like ours, except their prophet is Korean.  They were super cool.  I hope they progress.

So our recent convert that we baptized last month has decided that he wants to serve a mission!  Yeah missions!!!!!  He goes to the weekly mission prep classes at the stake center so that made me super happy to see.

I guess that's pretty much it for now.  I think I'll be celebrating my birthday next p-day because today didn't work out because we had to do some other stuff today.  Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.  Anyways, love you all.  Até Mais!!!

-Elder Johnson

I got to play the guitar for the first time in a long time with this investigator.

Hypocrisy Level: over 9000  (Deus é fiel = God is Faithful)

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