Monday, October 13, 2014

Burning People

Hey errybody!!!

So last Pday I got to meet up with my long lost bestcompanionfriendever Elder Rutledge!!!  We got to walk around the center and look for souvenir stuff because I need to buy stuff for people back home.  We walked around a bit and got some Açaí, it was good times.
Elder Rutledge and I  
So this week we had our District Meeting.  When I prepared the training I decided to do it on repentance and being honest with your investigators.  We sat down and practiced calling people out on their sins and the other things they need to do better.  It's not so much as being rude to people, as it is with showing them the truth.  For example, in the practice we did, we taught a woman (one of the missionaries) who needed to get married or leave her boyfriend’s house.  We showed her the truth and told her that it was wrong to break the law of chastity.  Straight up told it to her face.  This super sad feeling filled the room after we finished.  We talked about the power of repentance and how we need to sincerely help people, which at times, means you need to lose the smile and tell them exactly what the problem is.  The meeting was super spiritual.

So this week I got to go on divisions with the Elders in the Beira Mar Ward.  The Beira Mar Ward is really interesting because it's one neighborhood in Maceió and then half of the whole state of Alagoas.  The ward is on the edge of the city and grabs a ton of smaller cities on the coast all the way up to Pernambuco.  When we went on the division we got to go to a small town called Ipioca, which is right on the beach.  There aren't any members in that town but there will be!!!  It's a cute little town and we got a lot done.

I made my companion pay for my bus fare in 10 cent coins.  I know it was kind of a tool move, but it was absolutely hilarious.  The lady's face when my companion dumped R$ 5.00 in coins was absolutely priceless.

So walking home the other night we were just struttin' down the street when this bus nails this taxi and rips the front off of it.  The bus destroyed this taxi right in front of my eyes, IT WAS NUTS!!!!!  Nobody was hurt, but I don't think the taxi man was too thrilled about his damaged car.

To answer you question mom, no I haven't seen any police chases this week.  I have, however, seen the police raid the grota once and search some of the street hooligans for weaponry.  That's pretty neat.

That's it for now.  Hope all is well back home.  Love you all!!!!

Elder Johnson

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