Monday, October 6, 2014

Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

At the beach.

Well this week sure was eventful.

So it seems to be that Tuesdays are going to be problematic around here.  The other day, we were studying when we hear the sound of a helicopter flying around.  Sounds of police helicopters are normal, but this one was hovering over our area for quite some time.  When we went to lunch people started telling us that a bunch of hooligans decided to climb up out of the grota and ransack a few local business.  They broke a ton of things and then they fled back down the grota.  The police followed them and there they did battle.  They battled for a bit and then all was calm.  It sure freaked everyone out though.  Naturally, we avoided that part of our area for that day.

I am now the owner of original art work.  The other pday we were walking along the sidewalk on the beach when I saw this guy who fingerpaints landscapes on pieces of tile.  They were really pretty and I asked him how much it was.  He said that two of the were for 10 reais.  2 FOR 10!!!!!  What a bargain!!!!!  I bought two of them and I plan on returning to buy more.
Original Brazilian artwork.

It's been raining quite a bit the past few days.  It rained so hard it broke my umbrella.  The breaking of my umbrella was a rather traumatic experience because I happened to be under it when it broke and I was getting pelted by large bullets of water falling from the sky.  
It's raining.
Zone Meeting

We went to go teach this guy this week, but it didn't really go over to well.  Why you may ask?  Because he had just finished downing more than a gallon of beer.  A GALLON OF BEER PEOPLE!!!  And the guy wasn't the least bit tipsy.  In fact he was trying to fix an electric grill and was doing a rather good job.  It's just hard to have a spiritual lesson when one has downed so much booze.

Another guy told me this week that he doesn't need to go to church or read the Bible.  He told me he doesn't need to do such spiritual activities because he learns everything spiritual through movies.  He was trying to convince me for quite some time that Spiderman 1 & 2 has a lot of spiritual wisdom.  While they may be great entertainment, and maybe they have pretty good messages, (e.g. with great power comes great responsibility), I don't think they're able to substitute the Holy Scriptures.

So this week was General Conference.  Conference is sick!!!  I felt that the messages were really heavy this conference.  I especially liked the one by Elder Neil L. Anderson about Joseph Smith, very prophetic.  It was also cool to watch Elder Carlos A. Godoy give his talk in Portuguese!  I like the new way they do conference.  We did have some technical difficulties during one session of conference.  The satellite signal fell so while we tried to get conference through the Internet one of the members took his cell phone and put it next to the microphone so everyone could listen while we overcame our technical difficulties.  Also, a wild beast invaded our church (a loose dog).  Everyone tried to shepherd the dog away, but no one was having success.  To be completely honest, the poor thing was pretty frightened.  At last a 5 year old girl was able to lead the dog out.  A 5 year old girl did what 10 missionaries couldn't do.  #Humility
Watching General Conference

Well that's it for now.  I love conference.  Hope you all have a great week, tchau!!!

-Élder Johnson

So this sister in my district offered to make me my last mission planner for the upcoming transfer.
 My companion told her to make it super trunky.  I feel like they did a good job.
Probably the funniest mission planner I've ever used.
The trunkiest mission planner in the world.
The Hotel California is actually located in Maceió Brazil.

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