Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Am Alive!

Hey, just wanted to quickly let you know I am finally here in Maceio Brazil!  Man, that was a long day of flying.  Anyway, it's awesome here and everyone is super nice.  I'll email you later.


Elder Johnson

Elder Rutledge's California missionary trainer companion is from Atlanta
 and his dad just so happens to work at the Atlanta airport.  Somehow  the
trainer companion's dad knew Elder Rutledge would be at the airport and
 he tracked us down while we were waiting around during our four hour
 layover.  He bought us lunch,  let me use his  phone to call home to tell
 my family I would call them soon, then took a picture of Elder Rutledge
 and me and sent it to my parents with the message
 "Brother Haskin here with these great young men".  Small world.

You can reach Elder Johnson through email:  tjohnson@myLDSmail.net

or mail a letter or package to him in Maceio Brazil:

Elder Tanner Derek Johnson
Brazil Maceio Mission
Av. Dom Antonio Brandao, 333 Sala 402
Ed. Work Center, Farol
57-51-190 Maceio - AL

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