Monday, February 25, 2013

Goodbye MTC - Hello California!

Tanner got to call home on Thursday, February 21, for 5 minutes to tell us he's been reassigned along with some of his fellow Maceio Brazil Elders to Carlsbad, California, until they get their VISA's.   There are a bunch of them going to the same place so they can practice speaking Portuguese to each other.  I'm glad he is going somewhere relatively warm, since he only packed warm mission clothes for Brazil and doesn't have any cold mission clothes.

It was good to hear from him and he sounds so happy. He spoke to us in Portuguese and it sounded so cool to hear my son speaking a foreign language.  His favorite thing to say, "It's all good."  He's loved his MTC experience, but is ready to out into the field and do the Lord's work.

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