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 January 2, 2013

The big day finally arrived.  Elder Johnson is off to the Provo MTC and his drop off time is 12:45.  He will stay there until his Brazil Visa arrives and then he will fly to the Brazil MTC.
On our way to the MTC we stopped at IHOP so Tanner could have his favorite Cinn-A-Stack pancakes one more time before he leaves.
When we walked in there was a big family sitting by the windows.  The mother saw us and obviously saw Tanner decked out in his suit and asked if he was a missionary going to the MTC today.  He said yes and she told us that they too were there with their daughter who was going into the MTC too.  Then their other daughter asked if Tanner was going to Brazil.  She saw his Brazil flag pin on his suit.  He said yes and she told us that she served her mission in Brazil two years ago and met her husband there, who was sitting across from her.  She started to talk about Brazil and how he would love it and to get use to eating a lot of rice and beans.  When we left Tanner told their missionary daughter, "See you at dinner today."
We went to the Provo Temple to say our goodbyes because the drop off at the MTC is super fast and no time for drawn out goodbyes.  I wish I took a picture of the temple parking lot because it was full of families stopping there to say their goodbyes.  It was actually kind of comical.  We had a hard time finding a place to park to take our pictures.  Tanner was full of smiles and we were all pretty happy, no tears.
Okay Mom, you can let go now.
And we're off.  Tanner was sooooooo excited to be on his way to the MTC.
There are a gazillion cars entering the Provo MTC.  They have guys directing traffic and telling you where you need to go.  They have this down to a science.
There were tons of missionaries standing outside waving and greeting all the newbies.  There are stands with number on them and we followed the chain of cars and stopped at #5.  We were greeted by our "Host" missionary who said he was there to help Tanner throughout the day.  We gave lots of quick goodbye hugs and Elder Johnson was so happy and gave us a big grin and waved goodbye.  We timed it and the whole process from stopping the car to Tanner leaving took 57 seconds.  Told you it was fast.  Gonna miss that boy.  Love ya Elder Johnson.

 I quickly gave the video camera at the last second to my daughter Brinley and told her to record our goodbye at the MTC.

 See you in two years Elder Johnson!

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