Friday, January 25, 2013

Elder Johnson's MTC Address

Write Elder Johnson!

Elder Johnson would LOVE to hear from you.  He says the best way to send a letter is through  It's a free website where you can write a letter to a missionary, they print the letters everyday at noon, then hand deliver your letter to the MTC at 12:15 that same day.  Best part - it's free.  Cool, huh?  Just fill out Elder Johnson's information:

Elder Tanner Johnson
MTC Mailbox: #232
Mission:  Brazil, Maceio 0305
Estimated Departure Date:  March 4

You can also mail letters and *packages to his address at the Provo MTC:

Elder Tanner Derek Johnson
MTC Mailbox #232
BRA-MAC 0305
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT  84604-1793

*An easy way to send a package to a missionary at the MTC is through the UPS Store at 12600 South 1733 West.  They have a daily delivery service that goes to the MTC to deliver the packages and the missionaries get it that same day.  The service is available Monday - Friday and the package must be there by 12:15 to get there the same day (driver leaves at 12:30).  They will even box it up for you for free.  The cost to send the package is $7.75.  We've already sent several and it's awesome - one of the perks of living in the valley!

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