Friday, January 18, 2013

MTC Week 2

January 14, 2013

Me and a few of my fellow Elders.  Yes, that's Elder Chris Jessee.

Morale is still pretty high.  No word on our Visa's so I predict I'll be here at least another two weeks.  Portuguese is tough, but it's coming along.  Nothing a little faith can't fix.

I hope everything is going great back home and that everyone is doing all right.  Time in the MTC runs differently than it does in the real world.  It feels like I've been here forever, yet it also feels like I just barely got here.  Everything is going really.

We now have two new investigators (fake) that we're teaching.  One of them is our teacher, Brother Duerden, and I can't take him seriously at all when he's an investigator.  He undoes his top button, speaks sloppy Portuguese, acts like he doesn't care, texts on his phone, (at least I think that's what those little devices are called.  I'm not entirely sure.) and he calls us mohmuns.  Our first investigator was miraculously  revealed to be our other teacher, in plot twists that not even M. Night Shyamalan couldn't see coming.

One of the districts in our branch flew out to Portugal this morning and it makes me very jealous that they get to got out into the field already.  Anyways, the intimidating countdown clock of doom is entering its last few minutes so I guess I'm done for this week.


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