Monday, December 30, 2013

Long Time, No See.

Hi Mommy….

That is indeed a joke, for I saw you guys just the other day.  It was great to chat with you all back home.  It really didn't feel all that weird, it felt like I was just there the other day and we were all just chat'n it up back home!  But alas, t'was not so.  It still was awesome to see you all though!

This week, for those of you who didn't know, was indeed Christmas.  President gave us permission to stay out a little bit later for a dinner if someone invited us over on Christmas for dinner on Christmas Eve.  So we got an invite and had a glorious feast! It was filled with us giving a Christmas message, turkey, and all manner of deliciousness!  

Christmas Day was pretty great too.  We woke up and opened up presents, Elder Torres really liked the presents you sent and I really enjoyed the Calendar and Temple Book.  I think it's very cool that anyone nowadays can just go and make themselves a fancy little book just willy nilly and not have to go and make a billion copies, you can just make a book!

I did enjoy all the presents rather nicely, they made me happy, and I'm excited to start marking my calendar!  We Skyped on Christmas, saw ya'll, and had a very merry discussion.  

We then left to go work and we managed to teach a lesson that night, which I was doubting we'd be able to do, because of all of the partying.

So, some other interesting things this week was I got to do my first interview as district leader!  That was pretty cool.  I got to ask all the questions and see if these two girls were ready for baptism.  The interview went over well and these girls I interviewed, indeed passed, and were baptized this week by one of the companionships in my district.

I also got to teach the gospel principles class for Sunday school last week.  Can you guess what the topic was on? It was indeed:


Yep, they saved the best topic for the last day of the year.  I was a bit nervous to present this principle, that is very profound and deep to a group of investigators/recent converts.  It went over well though.  We had a very thought provoking discussion on eternal progression and the sorts and it didn't make anyone’s' heads explode out of overload of Mormon extremeness.  I was pretty afraid that I'd be teaching a topic that make some people leave the church, but they all thought it made sense though, so I survived.  

So this week was lots of work, we had lots of days of trying to find new investigators and alas they did not want to be found.  The first few days of the week were difficult and we were getting almost nowhere.  It then came to pass that the weekend we just exploded.  We were able to get ourselves some new investigators and it was sick!!!  Determination and the help of the spirit really pay off.

Well, that's it.  It sure was fun to see you all on Wednesday, but I must continue and bake in the Brazilian Sun.  Thanks for everything and you're the best!  Until next week!

-Elder Johnson

P.S. Thanks again for the presents, the temple book was my favorite for sure. I love you all and have a happy new year!  

P.P.S.  Fun fact, only about 18 hours of this year 2013 was I a normal person and not a missionary.

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