Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Not Crying

I wasn't fat before my mission.  I've decided that I'm never ever going to show a picture of myself “before” my mission to the Brazilians ever again.  Every time I do, to an investigator, member, or missionary, we always have the following conversation:

THEM:    Wow you were fat before your mission.
ME:    I wasn't fat.
THEM:    Yeah you were.  You were enormous.
ME:    You're being ridiculous.  I may have had a bit more weight than I do right now, but I wasn't fat.
THEM:    You were a little fat.
ME:    'silent sobbing…'

Brazilians 1      Elder Johnson's self-esteem 0
BEFORE my mission.
NOW during my mission.

We did have Zone Conference this week and it was glorious.  I kept hearing the same thing over and over again about not regretting your mission.  This has kind of been my little theme during my time here, not letting anything make me regret my mission five or ten years down the road.  We got some changes with the rules that we can only use “shoulder bags” now and there was lots of good training.  I also got to see Elder Rutledge, which is always a grand time.
Me & Elder Rutledge
We had three new missionaries arrive from the states today that were waiting for Visas.  Two of them served in the good old Salt Lake City South Mission.  Apparently Bluffdale is booming.  One even served in our Copperview Stake for a week, so that was really fun to talk with him.

That really is about all that I have to say about this week.  It's been a pretty average week filled with contacting, teaching, and talking with crazies.  I really wish I had more to write, but I just don't this week.  I love you all and have fun with the winter weather.  You know for sure I will be digging out my snow coat and sled this next Monday.

Elder Johnson

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