Monday, October 14, 2013

Good Times...


Well this has been a week of some very interesting people.

First – there was a man who worked for an art school that we wanted to go do service at.  This was his explanation of the school: "This is an art school, we study guitar, keyboard, trumpet, and Jiu Jitsu."  Where Jiu Jitsu fits into this "art school" is beyond me.

Second - we also spoke with a lady who probably has a manlier voice than I do.  The lesson didn't go over very well.  We started to teach her, but she found it to be more important to show us her kittens and EVERY photo in her family photo album.

Third - we also taught this lady who was a 7th Day Adventist.  I have nothing against the 7th Day Adventists, but I do have something against this lady.  She kept repeating herself over and over again saying, "I'm a 7th day Adventist.  10 commandments.  We observe the Sabbath on Saturday."  She said each phrase about 3 million times and I just about lost it.

Saturday was a rough day.  It was Viçosa's 182 birthday and so they decided to throw parties throughout the week.  On Saturday they constructed this huge stage right in front of our house and decided to hold a humongous concert at 11:00 at night, with the one and only PABLO!  That's right you heard me, Pablo!  I know, I didn't believe it myself.  For those of you who don't know, and I don't know how you wouldn't, but Pablo is the most popular singer in all of northeast Brazil. Everybody plays his music and since they don't believe in earphones here, we hear him a lot.  People are always walking around with speakers, blasting his music in their houses, or blasting it with the cars with speakers hooked to the top.  I hear his music roughly over 9000 times a day and it all sounds the same.  So naturally, it was a pretty big deal here in little Viçosa.  At the concert they had like three groups of people who also had huge speakers blasting other music.  It's kind of like going to an amusement park, but just doing donuts in the parking lot.  So there was a glass shattering amount of music being played and lots of people, both men and women, seemed to mistake the front of our house for a public restroom.  Good Times.  Pablo didn't even show up to the concert, but they still managed to blast his music until I was deaf.  

Oh and one more thing, the ceiling fell on us.  I was talking with Elder Jepsen in another room and my companion was laying on my bed reading, when I saw out of the corner of my eye the ceiling in our room just fall down.  A cloud of dust, bat excrement, and insects then filled the air as my companion ran out of the room.  So we spent the next hour cleaning the room.  Good Times.
So yeah, the roof fell.

There literally was a good time this week.  We baptized our investigators Kailani and Kildere, which is awesome! WOOHOOO!  It was a very spiritual experience, you could just feel the love the Savior had for us so strong and the spirit was absolutely amazing.  Everyone was smiling and just filled with happiness.  One family that is closer to being forever! I had the honor of baptizing Kildere and I confirmed Kailin the next day, which I had yet to actually confirm someone, so that was a cool experience.  I love being a missionary!!
BATISMOS!!  Our baptism we had with Kildere and Kailani!!

So that's it for this week, I'm going to go preach the gospel and eat cuzcuz com ovo!

Elder Johnson

Victotry Dinner!!  Cuzcuz e Ovo  (Couscous and Egg)
I don't know why this picture makes me look so gaunt.

Elder Oliveira!  My old companion.

Elder Rutledge!  My old friend.

Muh Milkshake.  Abacaxi e Acerola com sorvete de morango, Bom to Pega!!!
(Pineapple & Acerola with strawberry ice cream.  Good to handle!!!)

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