Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brazilian Hospitals Are Crazy

A selfie with Elder Munger for his birthday.

This week I taught John Lennon.  John Lennon is the son of one of our investigators and he has a pretty sick name.

Last Pday we went to the aquarium they have here with about half of our zone.  It was pretty cool.  I hung around Elder Munger (from the MTC) and we got to hold starfish and stuff so that was pretty cool.
Yes mom to answer your question I have lost weight.  Lots of sweating, walking, sweating, walking.  My calves are beautiful by the way and you don't need to send me new clothes.

So we went to the hospital this week (no, not for me) and that was probably the craziest thing I've seen here.  They don't have rooms for people here; they just have stretcher type beds everywhere.  There were about 100 people packing into the "trauma ward", which was about 60ftX60ft and it was crazy.  There were injured people everywhere and people who weren't doctors were helping them with medical care.  There were preachers walking around passing out advertisements for their churches.  The preachers would also "bless" people too, which consisted of them putting a hand on the head of the injured person and start shaking and rebuking said ailment.  There was vomit on the floor, lots of crying, and I felt like:

A.  A hoard of zombies were going to come barreling in and begin feasting.
B.  I just survived some natural disaster and FEMA had set up a hospital in a dirty school.
C.  That this would be so illegal back home.

My Brazilian companion Elder Godoy thought it was crazy too.  He told me it's not like this in southern Brazil and that they have rooms and legit healthcare down there.  This was by far the most shocking experience I've had while I've been here.  We did run into a member there.  We were just about to leave when a member grabbed us and told us to go talk to her husband.  Her husband was in a motorcycle crash and I didn't recognized him at first because of the wounds on his face.  We prayed with him and then afterward we talked with the bishop about having a ward fast.

So the JW's are stepping their game up and they've been running wild down here.  They talked to one of our investigators and gave her the book "What does the Bible really teach?"  She wasn't too happy with them.  She said they showed up and started condemning every one else's religion and didn't say a lot of nice things.  We had to set some doctrine straight with her and took the book to keep it from damaging our investigator.  When we were talking with her she told us they didn't act very missionary like and said, "They didn't pray!  What kind of missionary doesn't even pray?"

So that's about it for this week until next time!

- Tanner

I finally decorated my room with posters you sent me.
Behold the Maracajuá.
Behold the inside of the Maracujá.
Behold the juice I made out of the Maracujá.
So this is Acai Na Tigela.  It's a fruit called Acai mashed up and mixed with other fruits
 (it's the fruit in the middle) and it's globbing cold!!  This stuff gets you so amped though.
 Maracujá puts you to sleep, but this stuff gets you pumped.  You're ready to go baptize
 after you eat it.  You don't have to worry about eating it before bed either because
 it gives you energy to sleeping and you globbing sleep hard!!!!

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