Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Adventures of Ben and Dave

Monkey on a power line.

So this week I got to go on a division with good ol Elder Rutledge!  We went way to hard in the paint on the division.  We were able to find a new family to teach.  It's this guy who's been less active for quite some time and now he's decided it's time for him to come back to church.  He has 4 kids and a wife who aren't members so we'll see what we can do with them.  It's good to get the dream team back together every once in a while.

So good ol Elder Schmidt and I have been working pretty hard this past week.  It's been quite a bit of contacting, but it's been good.

So there's this one scripture that every quotes down here which says.  "Jesus disse:  Faça sua parte e eu te ajudarei."  Which translates to,  "Jesus said:  Do your part and I will help you."  It's a pretty good scripture, except for the fact that it doesn't exist.  I have searched the bible and I can assure you that said quoted scripture is none existent.  Nobody seems to have told that to a lot of the people down here.  Many people are thuroughly conviced that this is real scripture.  Sadly enough it's not.

Ever since we started a house dinner/breakfast calender I've learned how to make some food under the tuteladge of Elder Gross.  He knows how to cook really well and he's shared his secrets with me.  As of now, I have learned how to make pizza dough and coffee cake and they both turned out pretty well.

So yeah, I promise you that there were other things that happened this week but unfortunately I forgot my paper where I had everything written down, so everything will probably have to wait for next week.  Sorry about that.  I promise I'll write you a big long letter for next week.  Anyways, love you all and have a great week.

Elder Johnson

Brazilian Security

Guaraná can from the World Cup.

Thorn Tree

I have no idea what this is.

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