Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Well another week has come and passed and not a whole lot has happened this week.  I usually get one week that's really exciting and then the next week is just kind of boring.  We did get a referral from a member and he should be baptized this week so that'll be pretty cool!  Yeah for member missionary work!!!  Other then that we taught a bit, contacted some people, did some service, and just normal missionary stuff.  We did manage to bring about 6 people to church; the members really helped us out on that one.  It was ward conference this last week and down here ward conference is kind of a big deal.  For ward conference they make invites and set goals to have a certain amount of people there.  I really don't see what the big deal is though, because it's just like every normal Sunday, it's just that they do sustaining and have the ward choir sing.  Anyways, everyone used it as an excuse to invite their friends to church so I can't really complain about that can I?

Other than that, that's about it for all of the interesting things that have happened this week.

However, there are changes about.  The World Cup is getting closer and closer everyday and you can see the change around here.  Every day there's one more store or house that just decorates everything with green and yellow.  You're starting to see a lot more flags down here and everyone is getting more and more excited.  As exciting as the World Cup is, it's not going to be too fun for us missionaries because nobody is going to want to talk with us for a whole month.  People will also use the World Cup as an excuse to drink and throw fireworks (aka little bombs) at the missionaries.  Businesses will be closed during the games and the schools have planned to shut down completely until the World Cup is over with.  The World Cup is also in the month of June, which has "Festas Juninas," which is the biggest holiday in all of northeast Brazil, also known as "São João."  São João is just a month long party where everyone dresses up like the Brazilian version of the wild west, listens to forró, eats things made out of corn, drink, build fires in the middle of the road, and throw fireworks at the missionaries.  All in all it's a wonderful time filled with mass hysteria, cats and dogs livin' together and all sorts of chaos, which will be just splendid.

Anyways that's not for a few more weeks so I don't need to worry about.  Yet...  All is well down here; I'm happy and alive for now.  Hope all is well back home.


Elder Johnson

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