Friday, December 28, 2012

Called To Serve

August 29, 2012

The long awaited day has finally arrived and Tanner got his mission call.  He had been anticipating it would come on Wednesday and kept looking out the window all morning for the letter carrier.  This is the moment he has been waiting for and it's surreal that it's finally here. 19 years.  Tanner started texting family and friends to come to the "opening" of his mission call later that night.

Tanner's video of him opening his mission call.

Tanner opened up his call and he will be serving a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Maceió Brazil and will be speaking Portuguese.  He is to leave for the Brazil MTC on December 26.

What are the odds that Tanner and one of his best friends are going to the exact same Maceió Brazil mission?  Really?  Think of how many missions there are and they are going to the exact same one.  How cool is that?  They are both excited that they will both be there together and will be able to speak Portuguese to each other.  Tanner says it will be nice to know that in this strange new country his friend  is there also.  They hope they get to be companions together some time during their missions.  Now that would be fun.
Maceió Brazil

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